Six Pack 01: Punk Rock

This is a new thing!

It’s still the Scott and Kevin you know and love from Karaok Big E, however they decided to record a little spinoff music series just for all of you who want to hear (potentially) new (to you) music!

How it works:

THEME: This is either a very broad or very specific thing that changes from week to week. For instance, this week’s theme is Punk Rock.

PLAYLIST: This will play more as just purely music, as there will be (an attempt at) minimal commentary on each track. Maybe some info on the album and year, and certainly some anecdotes from time to time.

SIX SONGS: As you can tell from the title of this series, all will be comprised of six songs. It should definitely be less than an hour most times, so a little more “bite sized” and less rambling for sure than the regular episodes of the Karaok Big E podcast.


If you want to recommend themes, songs that you’re into, or really any other feedback you would have we would love to hear from you! Reach out via:





Thanks for checking this out, and look forward to more Six Pack episodes every Thursday!

Link to audio

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